Anatomy of Sex: Which Parts of the Female Body Arouse Men

Unlike women, who succumb to emotional attraction and are ready to close their eyes to some of the physical imperfections of a partner, provided there is general sympathy, men are visuals . They are excited by the visual picture: the appearance and physical data of the partner. Only in their taste preferences for the female anatomy, they somewhat disagree. So which parts of our body excite men the most?

1. Lips

Men are fascinated by any manipulations that you perform with your mouth. Biting the lip, licking the tongue, eating a banana, chupa chups – all this is incredibly erotic in the minds of men.

2. Buttocks

Curvy buttocks have always been the subject of admiration for men. It is not for nothing that women do exercises so diligently to give the desired shape to the fifth point. No matter how much sexologists try to explain this by reproductive functions and instincts, the fact remains that a woman’s bottom is a magnet for men’s views.

3. Chest

This part of the body is the first thing that men appreciate when they first look at a woman. No matter how beautiful your eyes are, rest assured that breasts will still receive more male attention. Moreover, it does not matter what size and bust. The main thing is to have it. 

4. Clavicle

These thin bones stick out very gracefully and are visible when a woman moves. Men find them touching and inviting to kiss.

5. Belly

Part of a woman’s body is very sweet for kissing. Please note that it is the soft bulging tummy that men like, and not the hard cubes of the press. The belly is a very flirtatious area that you want to fondle until you goose bumps before descending below.

6. Genitals

The female vagina , for obvious reasons, is exciting and desirable for men, since it takes the main part in sexual intercourse. But some males find her more attractive than others. Hence the addiction to Cooney , for which some individuals are literally ready to sell their souls.

7. Knees

That the knees themselves, that the place under the knees are also exciting for the male look. Especially when the woman is in a short skirt and thin tights.

8. Lobes

One of the favorite places for kissing, licking , sucking . An integral part of love prelude before sex. The sight of a woman’s ear, touching it with fingers, when strands of hair are wound behind the ear or an earring is getting better – part of the erotic play of the imagination of a man . Don’t ignore this fact.
You should not scold men for what they love with their eyes – this is their natural feature, which is better to use for their own purposes than to ignore. Knowing which part of your body drives your partner crazy, the easiest way to seduce him and arouse desire in him.

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