Traumatic sex: five common problems

Violent sex is not always remembered for good moments, sometimes physical trauma remains after it. The danger is that the negative experience is not deposited in the subconscious with a phobia or a complex that would interfere with the enjoyment of intimate relationships in the future.
Find out for yourself and tell your friends about the most common female injuries in sex.

1. Vaginal tears

In a fit of passion, during rough, hard sex, it is quite possible to get injured. If the partner has an impressive size of the penis, and you both clumsily chose a position for intercourse, the matter may end in disastrous, or rather, painful. You will learn about the injury by bloody discharge and discomfort inside. Before giving first aid, apply a bandage and ice to the wound yourself, but never a tampon. He will hide the bleeding, but will not solve the problem, but will only drag out the time. In such cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

2. Irritations, scratches, abrasions 

Who has not dreamed of gentle sex on a white sandy beach to the sound of the surf, in the rays of the sunset? Fantasy is beautiful, but in practice, everything can result in mucosal injuries. Scuffs and scratches can be caused not only by sand, but also by your partner’s slight unshaven or a violation of the partner’s lubrication process. It happens, and in this case the best doctor is time. Do not try to cauterize the wounds yourself with antiseptic agents, the mucous membrane will heal itself, provided that you abstain from sexual intercourse.

3. Injury to the clitoris

Although the clitoris is hidden anatomically from external damage, it sometimes gets him from especially diligent partners. Some men caress this organ so actively that they can accidentally bite or scratch. Trauma will make itself felt during urination with discomfort. You shouldn’t delay going to the doctor.

4. Injury to the uterus

For a man, a large penis, of course, is a matter of pride, but for his partners, it is also a threat to earn mechanical damage to the muscles and ligaments of the uterus. As a result of the displacement and bending of the uterus, women are deprived of the ability to bear a child. If there is a feeling that something is broken inside , contact your gynecologist.

5. Injuries to the chest

Similar injuries occur during the partner’s nipple stimulation with rather rigid methods, as well as after sex in the BDSM format. After minor injuries, abrasions and cracks may remain on the nipples, and bruises and bruises on the chest itself. Recent manifestations of “strong” passions often lead to cancer, so be sure to show Tes mammologist and make US.
Thus, all traumas of a sexual nature are associated with the negligence or carelessness of both partners. If you approach business reasonably and know about possible injuries, trouble can be avoided.

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