Five female erotic fantasies

It is already many times more difficult for women to reach orgasm compared to men, and if you also keep silent about your secret desires, you will not see a century of happiness. In intimate matters, modesty and shyness are not the best helpers. If you are overcome by fantasies of an erotic nature – do not be silent! Bringing them to life is the shortest path to satisfaction, harmony and happiness. Don’t be afraid to sound weird in your dreams. The main sexual fantasies of women have long been known.

1. Selling love

A very large percentage of the fairer sex fantasizes about the “client-prostitute”. This scenario turns both partners on. A man likes accessibility, and a woman likes freedom from judgments and moral shackles.

2. Macho

It has long been known that good girls, for some reason, like bad boys. Contrary to logic, the soul requires animal sex without preludes and curtsies. Sometimes we are chained in such a rigid framework of decency that we only have to fantasize about rough sex . We fulfill too many conventions and social roles in life.

3. No commitment

In fact, women do not always want a long relationship, deep feelings and preliminary stages before sexual contact. Sometimes you just want to go headlong into all the hard, knowing that this will not oblige you to anything and will not result in subsequent awkwardness. For this reason, sex with a stranger, in an unusual place, without the subsequent continuation of the acquaintance attracts many women. Options with a fellow traveler in a compartment, a neighbor on a chair in a cinema, the first person he meets in a cafe or a stranger in an elevator – all this incredibly turns on and attracts decent and inaccessible girls in life.

4. Group

Yes, many women secretly fantasize about intercourse with multiple partners. Sometimes such fantasies help them reach their peak of pleasure. Morality and the limits of decency may stop someone to make this fantasy come true, but the fact remains. This is exciting!

5. Sex maniac

As strange as it may sound, forced sex is a very common erotic fantasy. In life, of course, no one would want to fall into the hands of a real maniac, but in bed, the accents change, and the picture plays with completely different colors. Men will confirm that many women are asking to be taken by force, to be called harsh , to show light strength and to suppress weak attempts to resist.
Sexologists insist that it is imperative to realize sexual fantasies! This revives the subdued passions of regular partners and makes the intimate life of any couples brighter and more intense. Do not deprive yourself of pleasure for the sake of shame and complexes, fulfill your cherished dreams!

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