Secrets of modern geisha

Who are geisha? These are women who know how to deliver a man moral and physical satisfaction. They should move beautifully , maintain a conversation, and also be able to charm a man and help him get the highest pleasure during intimacy. There are secrets of how to become a geisha for a man in bed.  


First of all, you need to find out the preferences of your chosen one. After all, you never know what you have to face. What if your partner likes anal sex, but for you it is not acceptable. Although, experts say that there is no place for restrictions in bed. After all, a lot depends on the degree of attraction to a man. The feeling of passion and excitement of the researcher should spur you on to experiments.
Remember, the realization that in bed he is the “king” for you always excites the male imagination. So help your partner, tell him about your preferences and fantasies too.

Erogenous zones

In addition to creating an intimate atmosphere with the help of fragrant oil, candles, champagne, the most powerful stimulus to satisfaction is the impact on the sensitive points of the male body. Such points are called erogenous. Every man can have them anywhere. To correctly identify them, examine his body, carefully monitor his reaction to your actions, which will allow you to understand where to stay and what needs to be paid special attention.


Women always complain about men for their carelessness during intimacy. Did you know that partners are also often not completely satisfied. And only a few reveal their desires in front of the soul mate. The rest prefer to seek satisfaction on the side. But everything is in your hands. Don’t be discouraged and stay one step ahead. Ask what he would like the most. But do it carefully and don’t go into interrogation. Remember that the strong half of humanity is also shy. Therefore, it is best to start with yourself. In bed, hint to him about your playful mood, at such moments they do not accelerate the opportunity to open up. Do not forget, if you want to be always at your best, you must constantly improve your abilities in the art of love. Imagine, watch erotic films, read special literature, and this will help you learn other secrets of seduction and satisfaction of your other half. 

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