Top five taboos in bed

There are several completely simple, but very important unspoken rules that should be followed in an intimate relationship with your loved one. Or rather, five things that should never be done. 

1. Comparison with an ex-lover

Don’t make the mistake of comparing your loved one to other men, especially your ex, even if you’re trying to compliment your partner in this way. Praising someone’s sexual dignity is sure to be taken as a hint of your lover’s failure. Men are very vulnerable and touchy in this matter. And in the future, your veiled criticism will negatively affect you. Your chosen one will consciously or unconsciously take revenge, the relationship will deteriorate, or even may stop altogether . Talking badly about your ex is also not worth it. Your partner will decide that you just love to slander all your former lovers and, in the event of a breakup, you would also speak negatively about him .  
Perhaps the best option would be not to touch your past intimate life, but to enjoy the present.

2. Constant dissatisfaction and criticism

Learn to discuss your sexual issues with your partner, not criticizing, but putting forward positive proposals. Men are very vulnerable to sexual criticism. Your constant dissatisfaction can drive your lover into frames and complexes. In fact, the vast majority of people are able to listen to healthy, fair, and non-aggressive criticism. A man is quite capable of responding to her adequately, because most people have a great desire to give pleasure to their partner. 

3. Complexity and restraint

This problem, of course, is more for women who constantly worry about how good they look during sex. This constrains and does not allow not only the partner to relax, but also the partner. You must understand that if you are in bed together, then this indicates that you like each other, despite any flaws. Relax and enjoy.  

4. Sexual selfishness 

Selfishness in bed is a common occurrence. If during sex you are busy only with yourself, not caring about the satisfaction of your partner, he, it is quite possible, will seek this satisfaction on the side. 

5. Sexual blackmail 

As a rule, the weaker sex resorts to this method in order to manipulate men. In order to punish, motivate or exploit a partner, a woman deprives him of sex or makes conditions. In fact, who is it doing worse? Himself, remaining angry and dissatisfied, or to him, who, in the end, will simply go “to the left” to satisfy his natural, natural needs?
Be tactful and respectful with your loved ones in sex, and it will return you a double dose of pleasure. If you do not make the described mistakes in bed, you can count on a healthy and long-lasting intimate relationship. And this – already, you see, is not enough.

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