Causes of the lack of orgasm and how to deal with it

Delicate question: “Why doesn’t a man finish?” women mentally ask when faced with such a phenomenon with their partner. If such a situation has arisen with a loved one, it can be discussed and the reason for the lack of ejaculation determined.

If the relationship is just developing, talking about such topics is not entirely comfortable. Women blame themselves for what is happening and in vain: there are many reasons why a man does not finish for a long time, and they do not always depend on the woman’s sexual skills.

What prevents him from getting pleasure, and when is it really worth sounding the alarm?

Delicate question: “Why doesn’t a man finish?” – many women mentally ask when faced with such a phenomenon with their partner

The main reasons for the lack of orgasm

Faced with unfinished intercourse for the first time, if it happens at a young and active age, a man has anxiety – why couldn’t I finish?

Before putting an end to intimate life and attributing inferiority to yourself, it is worth analyzing your lifestyle over the past few weeks. The factors that make a lover or husband unable to cum fall into two categories: psychological and medical. Only one case out of a hundred refers to the second factor, when a man cannot finish for a long time due to developing pathologies. All other situations are caused by external and psychological factors.

The factors by which a lover or husband cannot cum are divided into two categories by experts: psychological and medical

The reasons include:

  • excessive amount of alcohol in the blood;
  • psycho-emotional and physical overload of the body;
  • overexcitation and desire to impress a woman;
  • fear of being caught at the crucial moment.

These factors can also act in the opposite direction: often a man ends sexual intercourse with a bright orgasm almost immediately after it begins.

The correct reaction would not be to dwell on what happened, but to relax and return to intimate caresses at a more appropriate moment. Thinking: “Why can’t I cum?” – it is necessary only when the phenomenon repeats and if there were no provoking factors.

Alcohol intoxication

Most often, the situation when a beloved husband cannot cum occurs after excessive alcohol libations. Awakened passion overwhelms, but the logical completion of the process does not occur. The reasons are banal – an excess of alcohol and fatigue from the festive fun.

Leaning on alcohol, a man needs to take into account that problems with ejaculation are not the worst thing that can happen. Ethyl alcohol blocks nerve receptors, which dulls all feelings and sensations. The feeling of fear, caution, responsibility disappears, even the instinct of self-preservation does not work. The work of the reproductive system also weakens: the organs do not receive the necessary stimulation from the brain, the seminal fluid does not leave the testicles.

You should not take this situation to heart: as soon as the excess of alcohol leaves the body, all its functions will be restored, although not completely. In this state, you should not indulge in sexual games, especially including intimate toys: the danger of not calculating your strength and getting injured is very high.

Psycho-emotional factors

The second most common reason why a husband cannot cum for a long time or does not reach orgasm at all is stress and excessive fatigue. A man simply refuses “marital duty”, realizing that he does not have the strength for this.

Women, on the other hand, often take such a refusal personally: “He doesn’t love me, doesn’t want me, he has another.” The situation is heating up, which leads to the aggravation of existing intimate problems. The most correct position in this case is to calmly talk about the current situation. A loving man will explain that it’s just a “dark streak” that needs to be experienced.

It is advisable to return to intimate caresses after a rest or a change of scenery: a short vacation, even for a couple of days, will allow the male reproductive system to recover.

It is advisable to return to intimate caresses after rest or a change of scenery.

You can arrange a relaxing evening for him: visit the sauna, send him to play football with friends or just give him a full body massage in the evening. Even if this evening does not end with love games, they will not keep you waiting.

Wrong intimate mood

A common reason why a man can’t reach orgasm is obsession with it. Usually such thoughts annoy young men who are very anxious about their inexperience and are afraid to disappoint their partner.

The thought that “I have to show what a macho I am!” settles tightly in the head, does not allow the internal organs to relax and do their work. The result of this is:

  • complete absence of orgasm;
  • very long sexual intercourse;
  • premature ejaculation.

There are two ways to solve the problem. First of all, you should reassure your partner and explain that nothing terrible has happened. Secondly, take the initiative in your own hands and help the guy ejaculate with oral sex or masturbation. Usually subsequent intimacy is more successful.

If the girl’s reaction in such a situation is aimed at humiliating the partner’s feelings, you should ask yourself another question: “Why do I need such a lover, and is she worthy of my feelings?”

Medical factors

The most serious reason for the lack of orgasm is the disruption of the organs of the reproductive system. You need to check your health if absent ejaculation is observed repeatedly, but there are no serious psycho-emotional prerequisites for this.

An experienced doctor will quickly find the root of the problem and prescribe the appropriate medical treatment. So, the absence of ejaculation can occur when:

  • anorgasmia (develops at any age);
  • pathologies of the endocrine glands;
  • infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

Most of these factors are treatable. But taking only medications will not be enough: a healthy lifestyle, good rest and care of the beloved woman should become part of the ongoing therapy.

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