The basics of wumbling at home

You can achieve the location of a man with certain skills in bed. And it’s easy to surprise your loved one – just learn how to control your intimate muscles. You can learn this on your own if you master a set of exercises – wumbling (or imbilding ).

What is wumbling ?

The art of intimate gymnastics consists in the ability to control the muscles of the vagina. She needs regular exercise. Part of it is provided during sex, but such “training” is not enough for full health.

Therefore, a technique was invented that provides the required load on the muscles of the small pelvis – wumbling . Its name comes from the abbreviation “VUM” – vaginal controlled muscles and “building” – to build. According to another version, the first part of the name is an abbreviation for ” wumen ” – a woman.

You should start with simple exercises, and when the art of controlling your body is mastered, you can purchase a simulator.

What is useful wumbling ?

The benefits of training were established at the beginning of the last century by the American obstetrician-gynecologist Arnold Kegel. He taught them to women before and after childbirth. Kegel exercises formed the basis of wumbling . Why is this complex necessary? What is its use?

Strong pelvic floor muscles – prevention of many diseases. Imbuilding , the exercises of which are designed to increase the tone of the vaginal muscle, helps to avoid:

  • urinary incontinence in old age;
  • varicose expansion of hemorrhoidal veins;
  • prolapse of the uterus.

Regularly engaging in intimate gymnastics during pregnancy, you can facilitate the birth process. Muscles with high tone are more easily stretched, allowing the organs to return to their previous position. The blood flow to them increases. This reduces the risk of developing inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs, the occurrence of tumors, and normalizes the synthesis of sex hormones.

The outflow of lymph improves, which is the prevention of infectious diseases. Increased blood flow affects the nerve endings, the sensitivity of the external genital organs increases.

Vumbilding performed at home will very quickly help tighten the muscles associated with the vaginal:

  • abdominal Press;
  • gluteal muscles;
  • hips.

Exercise delays menopause by improving the synthesis of sex hormones. Proper hormonal balance contributes to the healthy functioning of all internal organs and their systems.

How to do exercises at home?

  • The intimate complex is gaining popularity, so in every major city there are groups where experienced instructors teach how to control the muscles of the vagina. If there is no such center, then wumbling is easy to master on your own . As soon as the training technique is mastered, you should get a special simulator. With it, you can maximize the strengthening of intimate muscles. For the wumfit technique , use:
  • Vaginal ball. The task of training is to place it in the vagina, making efforts so that it does not fall out.
  • Vacuum trainer. It implies the introduction of a pump into the vagina for several hours;
  • Weight trainers. A ball placed in the vagina to which a weight is attached.

Before starting to exercise with simulators, you should carefully read the instructions for use. The main contraindication is pregnancy. Classes are not held during the period of exacerbation of the inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system, with pathologies requiring surgical treatment.

Where to start training?

  • It is necessary to practice clamping the anus so that the press and buttocks remain relaxed;
  • Learn to feel the muscles. To do this, it is worth interrupting urination – that part of the body that has tensed up will be sought for further training;
  • Learn proper breathing. Air must reach the abdominal cavity so that the stomach inflates.
  • Now you can start training:
    • The basic movement is tension followed by relaxation of the vaginal opening. It is this part of the body that strains as much as possible when trying to stop the stream of urine;
    • The second lesson is blinking. Here, the anus and clitoris alternately tighten.

When the body gets stronger, you can start using vaginal balls, moving it into the vagina. The final stage is the use of cargo. You should start with a small weight, which the vagina should get used to.


Not every exercise will work right away, but perseverance and regularity when performing will quickly give results. You can check the strength of the vagina during intercourse: if you squeeze the man’s penis hard enough, it will not go unnoticed and will give new sensations in sex.

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