Do it now: 15 reasons to have regular sex

It would seem, why persuade two adult loving people (or at least nice to each other) to indulge in passion? After all, the basic instinct should be called that for a reason. However, in practice, for some reason, things often go wrong. A modern person living in the rhythm of a metropolis often does not even have time to eat and comes home with the only desire – to quickly fall on the sofa and plunge his head into the inviting depths of the pillow. And if the hypothetical person in question is also female, then all the more it will not work out calmly. After all, domestic women not only build a career, but also raise children, maintain the cleanliness and comfort of the hearth, stand at the stove and are always responsible for all household members (including the cat and fish). Well, tell me: what kind of sex is there if you have five hours to sleep, no more ?!

And yet I will take on the difficult task of trying to prove to the readers that sex is needed. And the point. And, first of all, not to your beloved man, but to yourself. For the effort is minimal, and the pleasure and health benefits are a whole wagon.

World scientists support this point of view. If you have a choice: an extra hour of sleep or sex with the desired man – feel free to choose the second option.

1. Sex makes you smarter.

Hamburg medical scientist Habermel Werner conducted extensive research and proved that bodily pleasure is simply resting against the backdrop of the benefits of sex for the mind. Regular acts of passion help the brain process and analyze information better. The chain is simple: during passionate movements, an increased amount of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol enter the bloodstream, which stimulate the work of the gray matter. The blood is saturated with oxygen, which “reboots” your personal head processor.

2. Sex gives self-confidence

If the partner tries and brings his lady to orgasm, then as a pleasant bonus, the body will also receive a generous portion of serotonin and endorphins, better known as hormones of happiness – they increase self-confidence.

3. Sex strengthens the heart

If, in the heat of passion, you pump blood through the body with a heart pump regularly – at least 2-3 times a week, then with age you will not complain of heart disease. And convey the benefits of statistics and sex to your loved one: men who devote time to bed games at least 3 times a week, three times lower for themselves the likelihood of a heart attack and stroke.

4. Sex boosts immunity

Do you often get colds? Give her a fight with regular sex! This is exactly what American scientists from the state of Pennsylvania advise, who have experimentally proven: couples who make love 1-2 times a week have a markedly increased immunoglobulin A – by 30% (compared to those who constantly have a headache). It is the very same immunoglobulin A that is responsible for the level of the human immune system.

5. Sex helps fight the fear of dentists

You simply will not leave dentists work if you engage in oral sex with your beloved. The bigots are now snorting indignantly, but you can’t argue with scientific facts: male sperm is useful, as it contains a lot of useful substances that strengthen teeth – calcium, zinc, etc.

Health to the teeth also brings a “side effect” of any intercourse – most ladies before the prelude are put in order not only the body. And too much brushing hasn’t hurt anyone.

6. Sex is the best prevention of insomnia

Can’t sleep every night and count sheep? Taking a sedative or even a potent sleeping pill? Forget it – your best “pill” for insomnia is sniffing at your side. During intercourse, the level of the hormone oxytocin rises in the blood, which instantly calms the nervous system. It is not for nothing that many people, after love games, instantly fall asleep with a strong, deep, healthy sleep.

7. Sex boosts self-esteem

It’s not about attracting as many macho as possible with a defiant appearance and affordability. Self-esteem increases just with regular sex with the same person. The subconscious mind is included in the game, which whispers to the person that he is very attractive and good in bed, if after so many times he still awakens in the partner the same strong desire as at the beginning of the relationship, and gives him unearthly pleasure. And it’s one step from boosting self-esteem to powerful motivation to get even better.

8. Sex builds trust between partners

Again, this is by no means a one-off sex with a casual partner. Trust in intimacy can only be with your soul mate, with a person with whom you are not afraid to open up, show your real yourself, go on bold experiments, open secret desires and not be shy. Remember the first sexual contact, when you are ready to hide your body in sheets out of embarrassment and are afraid to say something wrong and do something wrong. And compare this with a permanent relationship in which your loved one knows all your “cracks”, and you are no longer afraid to show him your little flaws and eccentricities.

9. Sex strengthens the pelvic organs

There is a double benefit here. Firstly, during intercourse, we automatically restrain urination (since the entire body is focused on a completely different process) and involuntarily tense the bladder. This is the prevention of incontinence, which at a young age causes only a smile, but in the elderly it becomes a real problem for some.

Secondly, high-quality sex (the one with orgasm) is a complete replacement for Kegel exercises. The famous doctor came up with a method of strengthening the vaginal muscles by alternately squeezing and unclenching them – the same process occurs during a violent orgasm. By the way, strengthening and conscious control of intimate muscles helps to control your own orgasm, regulating its onset depending on your own desire. But feel the difference: boring intimate exercise or passionate somersaults in bed? The choice is obvious.

10. Sex slows down aging

A satisfied woman is not only a happy woman, but also a beautiful one. If you put next to the “snow queen”, who can deign her husband with affection once a month, and a temperamental madame, who gives and gets pleasure every week, you will definitely notice the difference. Female youth is prolonged by the hormones adrenaline, norepinephrine and dopamine, which are produced by the body, feeling the approach of the peak of pleasure. As a result, the body stimulates regenerative processes that affect the skin, including, generously saturating it with collagen, which is responsible for elasticity and smoothing of wrinkles.

This item may especially appeal to women of post-balzac age – it is at the age of 35-40 that the production of collagen begins to slow down, from the lack of which wrinkles appear. So, ladies, take note!

11. Sex relieves women’s health problems

First, regular sex, as we mentioned above, strengthens the pelvic muscles. Secondly, it enhances blood circulation in the area of ​​all female reproductive organs. And insufficient blood circulation is the source of most of the congestion and female diseases.

An important role is played by the normalization of hormonal levels during regular sex (we all know that hormones are generally the source of all women’s troubles). In some cases, even the so-called “lazy” ovaries with regular stimulation can be brought back to normal. In 2002, the American Gordon Gallup studied 293 women and proved that the hormone prostaglandin (contained in semen), entering the female genital tract, regulates the production of female hormones.

12. Have sex – say no to depression!

Are you stressed at work? Have sex at home. Are you seasonal blues? Have sex. Are you tormented by anxiety, suspiciousness, worries, bad mood? You already know the recipe.

With pleasure, you will relax and forget about all the troubles of the world, and even feel loved and desired, which also perfectly cheers you up.

13. Instead of a gym – to bed

Much has been written about this already, but it is useful to repeat. Simple arithmetic: 200 calories are burned during a passionate 15-minute intercourse (15 minutes of fast running will give the same figure). In addition, with strong arousal, the heart rate rises to 150 beats per minute – as during very intense cardio loads in the gym. You yourself know about strengthening all muscles in unthinkable positions.

Axiom: regular sex = good figure = confidence in your female attractiveness.

14. Sex replaces pain medications

A headache is not a reason to deny a partner in intimacy, it is a reason to take him by the hand and take him to the bedroom! As well as pain in PMS (and in general any pain that does not require surgical intervention). Sex kills pain on two fronts at once – hormonal (during an act of love in women, estrogen is produced, with a lack of which the notorious PMS occurs) and physiological (after orgasm, all muscles in the body involuntarily relax, even shackled by spasm).

15. Sex makes your man healthy

Do you need a healthy father of future children? Then indulge in passion together as often as possible. Regular, uncontrolled ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 20 times!

But the main reason that should inspire you to have sex is the desire and pleasure of physical intimacy with your loved one. After all, nothing can replace these sensory experiences and vivid emotions. Everyone can add something of their own to the list of reasons why it is useful to have sex. But is it worth wasting time on endless reading if you can now just get up from the computer, hug your soul mate and immediately surrender to love?

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