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Marital sex is not always perfect. Sometimes we really want our beloved to give pleasure in a special way, and he does n’t. How to make him listen to our erotic wishes? Many men are firmly convinced that they have no equal in bed and that the partner is happy with everything. How to convey to Casanova our bed requests and yet not offend him? 

Tip number 1
Do not speak head-on, act in hints. The
man, despite all his “machismo,” is shy and notorious. In particular, he can impede your activity in the bedroom only because it contradicts his idea of ​​himself as “a real man who should never dance to someone’s tune”. In addition, he is terrified to be afraid to look ridiculous, so he refuses to play with you as a doctor or a nurse or to embody your other erotic fantasy. Therefore, you need to talk carefully about your desires. And it is better not to sexual intimacy, but during: an excited man’s head turns off, and he no longer thinks in terms of “decently-indecent”. 

Tip number 2
If you are missing something that you did with an ex-partner, do not say so directly
Comparing with another will offend your chosen one, humiliating his manhood. Think of a different pretext: you saw it in a movie, read it in a magazine, fantasized, dreamed … Better yet, arrange everything as if your fellow believer himself threw an amazing sex idea. For example: “When you touched me with cold hands, I experienced this! (Here you need to roll your eyes, depicting crazy ecstasy.) Maybe you can give me an erotic massage with an ice cube? ” 

Tip number 3
Do not turn to the mind of the partner, but to his … libido
For example, if you want to make love in the car, and the partner is against, do not dissuade him, they say, “there are no people on this country road, some hares are jumping.” As if by the way, turn on the disk with erotic music in the car, and even better – a story or a novel in which there are love scenes. This is the strongest stimulant for both men and women. Moreover, gentlemen are excited not only by the scenes themselves, but also by the reaction of their partner. After all, a passion for eroticism is considered an “exclusive” male weakness, and on a subconscious level, they want to share it with a woman.  

Tip # 4
More often apply the principle: “Less words, more work!”
Does your man not like talking about sex? Nothing wrong. Explain without words what you want. Point his hands to the “hot zone”, show how exactly you want him to caress you. Many ladies are embarrassed to do this – they are afraid to seem licentious, but polls show that most men instantly start from the “immoral” behavior of their partner. The same goes for pos. Do you like any one position? Do not start to sort things out, just take the initiative. And do not forget to encourage a man if he goes to meet you. Sweet moans on your part will be the best confirmation that he is acting correctly.   

Tip number 5
In no case do not blackmail your chosen one: “Since you do not want to do it, I don’t ask me for oral sex” In
the same series, there is a demonstrative “shutdown” of the process when the partner caresses you and you lie staring to the TV or to the ceiling. Such behavior will cause aggression. In the end, your goal is to enjoy love, not to arrange a battlefield in the bedroom.  

Tip # 6
If a man is tired, hasn’t slept, or if something hurts him, leave him alone. For many men, even a runny nose is a tragedy. When a man is unwell, he is either not at all inclined to have sex, or wants to do it quickly. Get in his position, leave your plan for sexual restructuring until better times. But in no case do not let your loved one get stuck in this state for a long time. It is sex (especially passionate, with a twist) that can become that antidepressant that will pull it out of illness or fatigue. 

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