What a woman wants, or Errors of men in my bed

Many men do not like when their behavior in sex is analyzed and evaluated. This makes them terribly angry. It seems to them that everyone only thinks how to more subtlely humiliate their manhood. But you are not my man, and we are not in bed, so I can tell you a little what I do not like. Maybe this is useful to someone. 

– Do you want to use a condom? Goodbye. “ Am I like a person with AIDS?” Well, and how do you order to continue to talk with this? 

Maybe enough to fall asleep twenty seconds after proximity? Maybe stop turning to the wall? Banal, in principle, things, but how many more centuries can you repeat about this? How persistent! Well, they will do everything so that the woman doesn’t want to repeat this with you … Yes, give her a little attention and warmth not BEFORE, but AFTER – everything will come back to you with interest! After all, a woman is very wary of waiting for her to be treated precisely after passion. Otherwise, there is a smack of usability …   

Men, why do you so quickly become not original? Each time your actions become more and more automatic. And now I already know – now he will do it, then – this. The same thing from time to time … Boring. Like monday. As a result, the first romantic fervor goes away and you get used to mastering two primitive operations with a woman, and at the same time, sincerely do not understand why and why you need to spend energy on something more and pay from your internal resources. And is it worth it. Or you see, but there’s nothing to pay?    

And there are individuals who have seen enough porn and are confident in deep involvement in this matter. That’s where all the wonders of acrobatics are demonstrated! But everything is empty … This is just a technique and nothing more. The female body does not respond to pure mechanics. And erogenous zones, in my opinion, are not anatomical at all. It is not a specific part of the body, and not even a way of influencing it. Somewhere I heard that the main erogenous zone is the brain. I completely agree with that. 

And yet … Please, do not wake me up completely at night if I am clearly not disposed to what you want. Sometimes the only desire that wakes up at this moment is to go to your physiognomy 🙂 I’m not always like that, but if I stubbornly don’t want to react, does this mean that I really want to sleep terribly? ..  

And stop already every sexual act to pass, like a Lenin test! Enough of the number of my orgasms to wear, like stars on uniform. Do you really think that I do not see this? You act like an examination panel is sitting around your bed. And you work not for me, but for the assessment …

Don’t you dare lean on me with your whole body! Do not tear my laundry. Buy and rip as much as you like! .. Do not tell me about your past girlfriends. I just don’t want to listen to this! .. Take away your jealous dog! She growls every time I touch you.

Nevertheless , men do not have such errors that would be terrible and irreparable. Everything can always be discussed and corrected if one of the two does not like it. The main thing is to learn how to communicate with each other and relate to everything easily.   

event_note April 5, 2020

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